Free Japanese
conversation app

We, hereby present the first Japanese conversation evaluation system in the world, which is a combination of our Japanese teaching content so far, and Machine Learning technology specialized for Japanese.

As now we have been supporting over 1000 students from Vietnam on hunting jobs in Japan, we deeply understand the difficulties for student on practising speaking Japanese. Especially for students who are not living in Japan, it's not easy to find a teacher with good pronunciation.

This is a free Japanese learning application specialized in practicing conversation.

Practise any time, any where

You can practise any time, any where: at your room, your school, or even your office...

Effective and interesting learning methods

You can watch the introduction video, listen to the sample conversation and practise on your own. Your pronunciation results are visualized to help you easily recognize and correct your pronunciation for the standard.

Only a few minutes a day

One study time can be started in just one minute. Even practice just one word alone, why don't you try Talkybird right now?

Those who achieved JLPT N4 or above.

Those who are thinking about working or studying in Japan.

Those who want to practice speaking Japanese, without paying high cost.

Those who do not have much time for practicing Japanese conversation.

Visitors' voice
Nguyen Thi Minh Hang
My grammar and vocabularies aren't bad, but due to having not invested much time into it, my pronunciation is quite bad. I don't even have any idea on Japanese's accent. Since the day I start study with TalkyBird, I could listen to the correct pronunciation, I come to understand the Japanese's accent better. Now with better comprehension, I started paying attention on my Japanese's coworkers pronunciation and could learn better from them, and for that, I would like to greatly thank TalkyBird.
Le Thi Mai
Before, I used to envy my classmates for their Japanese’s pronunciation. Even so, I could only compliment their skill, with no idea how to improve my own. And then things start to change once I found out about TalkyBird, I had a lot of fun with my pronunciation training. Thanks to TalkyBird’s rating chart and system, with application’s recommendation, my progress became much better. I hope the application will continue to be supported and updated.
Tran Son Tung
IT engineer
I just finish learning 50 Minna no Nihongo lessons, with plans on studying for N3 JLPT. It was that time my senior recommend me to practice my pronunciation skills, because they could be really hard to correct once I get used to bad pronunciation. Then she introduced me to the TalkyBird application, I really am envious of a Vietnamese person speaking in the application, and decide to do my best so I can be as good as he is. Luckily, with excellent learning program, with each day I am closing to my objective.
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